Hormone Replacement

Hormone replacement therapy for men and women

This is a very broad subject….most clients are familiar with estrogen, progesterone and testosterone but usually cortisol and thyroid need to be regulated in order to balance the body function.  You might be surprised that in order to balance your estrogen or testosterone, we might first have to address other hormones or nutritional deficiencies, sometimes with such a dramatic changes that there is no need for replacement, especially in younger adults.

A lot of data is available regarding the risk of using hormones that are not similar to your own body’s hormones.  The “progesterones” in commercially available products are in fact progestins and not progesterone.  The “estrogens” in similar compounds are also non-human estrogens, most often derived from the urine of pregnant animals.

Even when using hormones similar to your body’s, there is a need for continuing monitoring of your hormone levels and other lab tests to avoid any potential complications.  This is why it is of utmost importance that you follow up with your visits and lab tests as recommended, even when you feel good.


Adrenal glands play a very important role in our bodies and most times we cannot maximize the functioning of other organs without first addressing adrenal imbalance. The very high or very low levels of the adrenal glands can be life threatening and are very successfully treated by your PCP or your endocrinologist.  However, a lower degree of dysfunction that can result in a myriad of symptoms and a low quality of life could be addressed by our clinic.  Stress, including “good” stress like exercising, can destabilize your adrenals.

Balancing the adrenal function usually will require lifestyle changes to minimize your stress level, use of plant based supplements to regulate your adrenals and hormone supplements usually only as the last resort.  This process takes months and sometimes can take up to a year.     


The thyroid is another very important gland that is affected by genetic predisposition and the environment and could be too high or too low.  Sometimes the symptoms are confusing as they could be similar. This is one of the lab tests that would be done for the majority of clients who visit our office.

Thyroid function needs to followed up on a regular basis through lab tests.  This is a test that can be done by any lab and should be covered by your insurance.  This gland function also needs a few months to stabilize.  We prefer to use a compounded formulation of thyroid hormones that slowly releases in your body and can be dosed to your individual needs rather than commercially available, fixed dose preparations.  We do not recommend extracts taken from animal thyroid gland.  Theoretically, these extracts contain a more complex mixture of hormones but we are opposed to using animal products for ethical reasons as well as the risk of the animal having been infected at the time of slaughter, with this infection potentially passing on to the client.